“Our company was founded in 1946 by Charles Neff & Tim Perkins.”

Serving many industries, including Health & Safety, Appliance, Lawn & Garden, OE Automotive, Aftermarket Automotive, Mining, Marine, Medical, and Sporting Goods, among others, Neff-Perkins Company has the capability to assist in product concept, manufacture, test, and ship rubber and plastic products to your specifications.

Our staff will assist you in the all stages of your product for functionality and manufacturability.  Decades of experience give Neff-Perkins the ability to utilize many different materials and various processes, including Injection, Liquid Injection, Transfer, Injection Transfer, and Compression Molding, to produce your products in the highest quality, most economical way.

Whatever the material or process, our skilled team of Quality Assurance, Laboratory, Engineering, and Production Personnel will work with you to develop the most effective solution for you.

With our Technology and our People, we stand ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

"We deliver quality products."